Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Family Stay-cation

The Spafford family did not take their 5th annual trip to Mt. Rainier this year. They had planned on it from the beginning of the year when Dad made the reservations at the Ohanapecosh campsite. But as the time got closer, it seemed we kept running into obstacles; it felt like we might be pushing it a little too hard to make things work. We held a family counsel in which it was decided that we would stay back and have a family stay-cation over the weekend...

Charae best put it..."Acknowledging the fact that the Spafford family has been blessed with an impeccably delightful vacation and an opportunity to celebrate a family wedding in California and owing to the fact that duty and honor call us to take care of responsibilities here at home, the aforesaid Spafford family have determined to remain home instead of making the traditional trek to Mount Rainier and instead to enjoy the comforts of the home and the beauties of the surrounding area where we are so blessed to live."

Our goal over these next three days were to give Dad as much opportunity as we could for him to work in his shop knocking off projects that have been building up for months. Our second objective was to do something special together as a family each day.

In line with what Dad has done for every one of our vacations, we girls put together a brochure with our plans for the weekend...

Day Number one: our vacation started Thursday morning with a breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Dad was going to work outside with Jonathon putting up shades on his den windows. We girls decided that we would get dressed up and head over to officer's row for a photo shoot. It was an extremely warm day for such an excursion and I am afraid that we all looked a little wilted by the end of it :) But it gave Kayleen some practice with her camera, and an excuse for the rest of us to dress up and have fun :)

That evening, we packed up a picnic lunch, loaded up some kayaks and headed to Battle Ground lake. It was a race to see who finished their meal first and claimed the first trip in the kayaks. The rest of the group waded in the water waiting their turn.

The lake water was surprisingly warm and comfortable for swimming. Austin practiced laps back and forth from the shore to the middle of the lake. When it was noted that Ania's swimming techniques didn't go beyond the doggy paddle, Mom and Dad made a note that swimming lessons were a requirement for this fall.

The next day, we had a hurried breakfast of waffles and sausage. Dad had found a hike in the gorge, Oneonta Falls, that he wanted to try. It was only 1/2 mile in, but what made it so spectacular was that you waded through water most of the way, crawling over rocks and logs. 

At the very end, there was a beautiful waterfall in which we swam around for while. The water was cold at first, but once the kiddos had become acclimated, they swam around like fish :) 

Around evening time, we watched Sense and Sensibility as a family. Usually our first choice for a family cinema is a good familiar BBC classic :)

With the weather being as hot as it was that week, we weren't sure whether it would be conducive for a fire roast that evening. But a determined little Austin set up all of our camping chairs and dug a hole in the middle of our pit. With the little wood that we had stored away in the garage, he built a fire big enough to roast sausage links and kept it going so that we could roast marshmallows for s'mores.

It was the first time that we had used the fire pit in the seven years since we have lived at this address. We sat around the fire discussing fall plans for sitting out there with bowls of chilly and mugs of cider! I think that now that we've discovered the delights of a campfire in the backyard, it will be quite the popular place for meals now :)

We wanted Dad to have another full day in his shop on Saturday, so we took the kids and went bowling at Big Al's. A lot of us discovered that we had no talent with the bowling ball. Others who were there for the first time took the lead with their scores! Kayleen came in first with her team of four and Cosette stole the victory over her two older sisters. Charae commented that when she stopped trying to throw the bowling ball like a professional bowler, she found her aim was a lot more accurate ;)

Some of us kids had pooled together to purchase a karaoke stand. Saturday after bowling seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Everyone picked out their favorite songs, and each went up to demonstrate their "talent". Ania and Leisel stole the show with "Part of Your World". Kayleen and Cosette followed with a duet of "Falling Slowly". When Charae made her debut, she sang most of her selections in Korean :) 

Dad and Jonathon had made a lot of progress on the cupboard that they had been working on. We didn't want to stop their momentum, so we didn't leave for the Columbia till seven. It was just in time to catch the most magnificent sunset. Our table was situated perfectly with a view of the Columbia River before us.

When dinner was over, we made the 20 minute walk to Renaissance ice cream for a couple scoops of our favorite flavors.

It was of the Lord that we had that time at home. With all that has been going on lately, it was nice to just stick around the area and not really have much to do. It was good for Jonathon as well to have that time to prepare before he left...

Last picture taken with Jonathon before he left on his trip
Jonathon boarded a plane Sunday afternoon for a three month business trip in Malaysia. 
For those of you interested in keeping up with him, he has started an Instagram account:
As for my part, he has requested that I keep him up to date with snippets from home every week. Ambitious, I know ;) But I'd like to try. This is post #1 ;)


  1. Fun times, Nellers. Makes me miss you all. Looking for to the next post :)


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