Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4th of July Festivities

For as long as I can remember, the 4th of July picnic at Red Sunset Park has been a tradition for our family, and you just can't argue with tradition. So when it was suggested that we skip it this year, there was an uprising amongst the three littles. You don't mess with tradition in this family. 

We were blessed with the perfect weather for a 4th of July picnic...not too hot and not too cold (though perhaps warm enough to induce a water fight later on in the day :)
The Spafford's drove up shockingly early to the picnic, arriving before the lunch had begun (which has not been tradition in years past :) 

There was plenty of time to visit with everyone, entertain the "little people", and enjoy some of the sunshine we had been blessed with. Everyone gathered together for a brief talk and sing before we ate our lunch.

We got home an hour before everyone was supposed to arrive at our home and rushed around to get all of the decorations up and the food ready....our group totaled 26 people this year.

While the barbecue was heating up and the bratwurst sausages were grilling, we played games of corn bag toss and boccie ball. Cheers could be heard coming from one side of the yard where a group gathered to toss corn bags, while another group carefully calculated the distance their boccie balls needed to travel! 

The call for lunch came and we all lined up for a 4th of July barbecue of bratwurst sausage, macaroni salad, watermelon, and multiple choices of dessert :)

The lunch was only just over when I was given a look from my friend that said it was time to start the water fight, cause if we didn't start it, who would? ;)

The buckets came out and all three of our spigots of water were turned on full blast...

We solicited some help from our cousin in tackling some less enthusiastic spectators into the fight. Numbers of buckets were emptied on them and they were initiated into the water fight.

There are some things that are just staples to a 4th of July picnic and a walk in the neighborhood during the fireworks display is one of them. For years, we have not seen the need to purchase our own fireworks since we have a perfectly splendid view from our property of everyone else's fireworks!

It didn't matter that we were all a little sleepy from the events of a busy day. It didn't seem right to end the evening after our walk! Someone suggested a truck ride, and the remaining members of the party piled into the back of the truck. It had been a perfectly warm, sunny day, but after the sun went down and we started off down the back roads, we realized how chilly the night air was. A cold wind blew into our faces. But it didn't take away from the beauty of the night sky, full of stars or the enjoyment of traveling down the back roads at night :)

On our way back, someone mentioned that a cup of hot chocolate sounded most pleasant.
I took out the sugar and cocoa as soon as we got home and Sarah whipped up seven mugs of hot chocolate. The gathering of people had dwindled down to seven, the perfect number for a game of ten dice. 

Another 4th of July has passed, filled with innumerable things to thank our heavenly Father for...one of the greatest of them being the fellowship with believers in Jesus Christ! 

Also...I finally finished the Alaskan Cruise slideshow ;)

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  1. What a great travelogue of pictures on your Alaskan cruise. You have such a sweet way of using words and pictures to excite our imaginations by inviting us to someday do the same. KS forever!


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