Thursday, April 14, 2016

They Arrived!

Suddenly, there is great excitement in the Spafford household. An abundance of baked goods and desserts are being produced in the kitchen. It seems like the kiddos are having an extra hard time focusing on their school work. And all of the sudden, the days are filled with fun shopping trips and drawn-out morning coffee conversations.

This could only mean one thing: Nana and Papa have arrived :)

Wednesday morning brought in the long-awaited-for flight from Michigan. Everybody was ready and waiting by the door when a little car pulled up to our house bringing Nana and Papa. The hugs and excited chatter lasted for quite a while before they were finally able to make their way into the other room :)

Moments of calm and quiet are now few and far between for Nana and Papa.They are almost always surrounded by three eager grandchildren who are constantly ready to challenge them to games of ten dice and soccer :)

The days are filled with shopping excursions with Nana, coffee dates with Papa, and the consumption of waaay more dessert then is healthful to the body ;) In the evenings, as we wind down for the night, their is always time to fit in a few Dick Van Dyke episodes :)

 Trinity Bible church had their Spring Bible conference this past week, and we had the privilege of hearing Dr. Mike Abendroth speak on Jesus Christ: Him We Proclaim. It was special to have Nana and Papa here for that!

Our biggest event so far was our day spent touring the interesting culture of downtown Portland.

Around noon on Saturday, everybody loaded up into three cars and headed to Cascade station to take the max. The max is a rather slow mode of transportation, so it took us about 45 minutes to get to Powell's Book store. What could be more exciting then rooms and rooms completely dedicated to big and spacious that you have to have a map to get around them (even that wasn't much help for some people ;)

Since trying to round up that many people in that large of a store can prove to be quite a challenge, we decided to all meet at the entrance of the shop in one hour.

The line outside of Salt and Straw :)

In order to get the full experience of Portland, we had to try Salt and Straw ice cream and enjoy the experience of waiting in line for one hour :)

Alas, all of this fun running here and there has all been done without the aid of our 15 passenger van which is now sitting somewhere in a repair shop! :D Just a few days before Nana and Papa arrived, our van had some mechanical problems that almost left us stranded on the side of the road :)
But the Lord, as always, has been very good to us, and we have been able to get by with driving three separate cars :)

...who knows what adventures tomorrow holds for us ;)