Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Family Camp Twenty-Fifteen!

Another year of family camp has gone by. Already, I find myself anticipating the time when we can all gather together again at Eagle Fern Camp. As always, those four days at camp were an immense blessing for our family, and they went way too quickly. I am so thankful for that time spent in the fellowship of like-minded believers, serving together for the glory of our Savior, and being fed multiple times a day with the wonderful food of His word. 

This year, we had the privilege of having Greg Stevenson out to our camp. He is an instructor at the Shepherd's college in New Zealand. His messages were such a blessing to all that were there, focusing on the "The Struggle of Worship". He spoke from the Psalms of Asaph.

Leisel and I had an opportunity to serve as girl's crew leaders for the second year. Though we were short on young people, there ended up being more then enough help. Some of the middle-aged men stepped in to to work a shift of KP duty, and under-crew-age kids joined in cleaning up after meals.

The afternoons were spent playing matches of Prison Ball or Human Foosball.While others congregated at the river to escape the heat of the day. This year, the crew got to use the camp obstacle course as well. 

I put together a short presentation with pictures from our time there at Eagle Fern. Enjoy!

For any of you who are interested in hearing the messages, they are all posted on the Trinity Bible website! (They'd be well worth your time ;)


Thursday, August 6, 2015

The House That Built Me

And now for our feature presentation: "The House That Built Me".
Annalise stars in this quaint little song about a girl who returns to the house that she grew up in and asks to look around one last time. 
(In my very unprejudiced opinion, she did an amazing job ;)