Saturday, April 25, 2015

Craziness In Chronological Order :)

Where to begin? The Spafford schedule has been quite loaded of late; but in the bestest of ways ;)
The house never ceases to have people running here and there; there is a constant high level of energy amongst its inhabitants, and moments of relaxation are few and far between. But every day is a blessing from the Lord, and full of new reminders of what a great God we serve! 
Even at this hectic pace of life, we still manage to all make it around the dinner table at night times; sometimes there's even a moment when we can all sit around and talk over a cup of tea afterwards. Each morning begins with a family breakfast around the table and a word from the Psalms. 

March brought about the closing of another year of Bible memory for us. This year, our group was much larger then the last. Every Thursday, we got together and said the verses that we had been learning throughout the week. It was a great time of fellowship and building up together with like-minded believers.

As Easter rolled around, Mom and I put  our heads together, looking for ways to celebrate with our students. 
 It was rather disappointing for Leisel and me to see that this year the mall now had an Easter bunny in its center greeting all of the little children. Praise be to God that we have a more blessed reason for celebrating that day: the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

 We finally put together an Easter egg set with different objects that had to do with the resurrection of Christ, and added a bible verse to each of the eggs.

 Daddy's birthday fell on the 15th of March, but we opted to wait till Charae got home to celebrate. For two months there was much work and secrecy as we children all worked to put together a slideshow for Daddy's birthday. It was very difficult trying to work behind Dad's back, hiding folders of scanned pictures on his computer, and finding times when he wasn't around to edit sound recordings. 

But, finally, the pieces all came together; the recordings were carefully trimmed, over 1,400 pictures individually edited, hundreds of slides created, all resulting in a wonderful presentation for Daddy's birthday!

Just recently, we had some dear friends here from Japan who came up for a 3 month furlough! 
We made sure to book them for dinner a couple months in advance. They are such a blessing to our family!

These last two weeks have been spent creating some wonderful memories with Papa. Most of the time we have spent relaxing together and playing heated games of ten dice. On the more adventurous days, we head over to Costco and eat a bountiful lunch going from one sample stand to the next :)

Of course, it was a great shame for us all when we realized that we had two birthdays to celebrate within a weeks span, (Jonathon and Papa's), which added up to be an over-indulgence of cheesecake and birthdays candy :)

Saturday, we spent a pleasant day at the Columbia River soaking up the warm 70 degree weather... 

...after a scrumptious picnic lunch, we ran off some stored-up energy playing Frisbee and soccer.

This last Friday, we celebrated Papa's 80th birthday! The Lord has used Papa greatly for His service over the past 80 years, and we have been so blessed by his influence on our family. 

Even though school has continued during the weeks of Papa's visit, Annalise, Austin and Ania have been experiencing rather serious cases of spring fever (which creates an extra intense job for their teachers :) Each of them deal with the excitement in very different ways; Austin will wake up extra early in the morning and complete his homework before noon, whereas Annalise and Ania come to a complete stop in their progress, and find themselves doing school late into the evening :)

Many of you celebrated Valentines this year on the 14th of February, but at the Spafford household on the 14th of April, we consumed Jajangmyeon (Black Noodles) to celebrate Black Day (Single's Day ;)

We all know that we have an even crazier schedule to look forward to this coming fall. With Leisel and Charae beginning online college courses, and getting part time jobs, and Kayleen graduating from high school and beginning work somewhere, life is just going to continue to get crazier. 
Please keep us in your prayers as each of us seek the Lord's will in our lives for the future.

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