Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Day In the Life of a School Teacher

Cosette learning how to read :)
I can still remember those first days when mommy taught me how to read. It's funny how vivid the picture is in my mind of mom and me sitting on the couch with that warn red Alpha-Phonics book. Trying to pronounce words like, "Bat" and "Cat" seemed so difficult then.  
I remember that thrill at the beginning of the school year when all of our books would arrive in the mail. It felt like Christmas as mom handed out the different school books to each person. We would plead with mommy to let us start school a few days early. 

I remember trying to hide under the table on weekends, doubling up on my school work. I thought that mom would never guess what I was up to :)

Cosette dressed up like Daddy
And then Charae took over, and for five year I enjoyed her enthusiastic teaching. She would get so excited over our history subjects and came up with all kinds of cool projects.
It was then, in those last few years of schooling that I realized, "This is exactly what I want to do someday!"

Now here I am, watching the eager faces of Annalise, Austin and Ania as we work together on history projects and prepare different presentations for Daddy. 

I get to be a part of their squeals and excitement when an order of over 50 books comes in from the library; (so many books, that we exceed the limit on my card and have to spill over onto mommy's card :)

Christmas Presentation: The Story of Jesus Birth
They continually impress me with their ability to learn and memorize things that their teacher could never do. Last year, they memorized all of the Presidents, as well as different speeches like, The Gettysburg Address, Napoleon's Speech to his troops, John Adam's Day of Prayer speech, and Douglas MacArthur's Farewell Address.

Getting School T-Shirts
I am on my third year of teaching these little ones, and I have gotten to see them do a lot of growing over those years. Each year is very different from another, full of new ideas, fun projects, and lots of energy from these little people. 

Last Year's Study of the Civil War
This year, we have been studying the War of 1812. It is as much a learning experience for me as it is for them. It was a bit intimidating for me at first since I hardly had any knowledge on that time period But after dozens of books had been checked out at the library, many YouTube videos watched, and reports written, the subject began to come to life.

Mommy wanted to play a bigger role in Annalise, Austin and Ania's teaching this year, getting more of a chance to interact with them during the day. She now teaches Math, English and Spelling.
The Science, History, Reading and school projects are my domain ;)

Last year, we did an in-depth study on the American Civil War; The year was concluded with each of the children giving a Civil War poster board presentation; we also put together a music video on Sullivan Ballou. (video below :) 

I have been very blessed over these few years, and have had the privilege of interacting with Annalise, Austin and Ania in a very special way. 

Last Year's Civil War Play
The Lord has made me realize more and more that it is not just my responsibility to teach them Science and History, but that with everything they learn, it is to be centered on Christ Jesus! I have the opportunity through teaching to pass on a love and zeal for things of the Lord to them. 

Each morning, one of the three littles opens up our day in prayer and we read a chapter from the book of Luke. Following that, I read to them a devotional from Surgeon's "Morning and Evening"...
Doing this reminds us that we are completely dependent on the Lord for the our daily strength; that without His enabling hand, we cannot get through the day.

It is easy after three years of teaching, with the same routines and the same old scenery, to take these times for granted. But the Lord is gracious, and has continually reminded me that I am to value every minute that I have with Annalise, Austin, and Ania and to use it for Him. 

The joy that I see them get out of learning each day, and their continuing enthusiasm for things of the Lord makes my job completely worth it!

Sullivan Ballou by The A-Team