Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pills, Prescriptions and PA's


It came upon them suddenly; it took them one by one. Within a day's span, the first victim had fallen, struck by the high temperature of 105°. He thought that he could fight it off...

Whenever a virus hits the home, it goes viral
 ...but sleep wouldn't fight it and pills only temporarily held it back.
It persisted for five long days, with a high temperature, before the first victim knew that he had been defeated, and he sought for reprieve at a hospital...

A couple prescriptions later and suddenly it was gone. The fight seemed only a memory, and all fears of any others falling prey to this virus were diminished.
 Till one day, and for the sum of 91 days after that, the whole family has been falling prey to this terrible illness. The same question has been on all of their minds, "Who will be next?"

It has come to some in the form of a violent man cold,complete with headaches, and coughing fits, achy bones and scratchy throats...

Others have been wiped out completely, and silently taken to their bedrooms.

Many prescriptions have cycled through the home and many doctors have tried to diagnose this strange virus.
It has been given several names: Strep pneumonia, walking pneumonia, and Mycoplasma pneumonia.
But whatever the virus is, this family has been ready to be well again and back to normal, all going to church as a family once again.

NOTE: Since I have been such a delinquent blogger, I am hoping to have another blogpost up within the next week :)