Monday, June 23, 2014

The Happiest Place On Earth

Once upon a time, two girls headed off with their grandparents to the Happiest Place on Earth. Armed with energy, and prepared for adventure, they boarded their flight early Tuesday morning...two hours later, they had landed. 

The night had been short, and the morning began at 4:00 A.M...Grandma knew that there was only one thing that could get her through this day, and it came in the form of a double shot Caramel Macchiato.

Before they knew it, they were there, in Disneyland, ready to begin their first day in the Happiest Place on Earth... 

But first, something to eat for the rumblies in their tummies :) This particular little girl had worked up an enormous appetite in a very short amount of time and managed to consume a whole pizza on her which she was very proud of :)

Revived, refreshed and rearing to go, they headed through the streets of Downtown Disneyland. 
Perhaps one can sum up that first sensation of stepping foot into that "enchanting" place as being quite magical...with Disney music playing throughout its streets and the characters ready to greet you at every corner.

Their first day was spent in Disney's California Adventure...

Thirteen stories in the air, looking out over all of California Adventure, through an open window, wondering why you are up there, knowing that there's only one way down...

...suddenly you are dropping all of those 13 stories with a full view of how far you are from earth. No sooner do you hit bottom then you are sucked up again without the chance to catch your breath, and with your stomach still stuck on the 13th floor.

That, my friends, is the Hollywood Tower of Terror. 
Then you get off, forget what that terrorizing feeling of free-fall feels like, and you end up in that same seat again on the next day :)
This little lady only ventured on such a ride after much convincing from her older sister and the competition in her that wished to beat Annalise :)

But the absolute favorite of this little girl's was the California Screamin' Roller Coaster in the Paradise Pier...

Lynnae found that her younger sister was quite popular throughout all of Disneyland...and even got a comment made on how sweet it was that three generations got to go to Disneyland together :P

But the day did not end when the sun went down; the fun had only begun. That night, California Adventure Park put on a wonderful display called The World of Color; with colorful water work displays, fantastic music, scenes from all of your favorite Disney shows; spraying water one moment, and flashing fire the next.

That night, they took up their abode in the grand "Frontier Tower" of Disney Land's Hotel.

The next day, they were up at seven. Knowing that the day would hold little rest for her, Grandma made a morning stop at Starbcuks for her energy boost

For two web-footed Washingtonians, 110 degrees of heat and humidity was a bit of a shocker for these two girls; which was even amplified after 20 minutes of waiting in line for a ride. But who can complain when they're in Disneyland?

Though all of the rides held each of their own charm, Star Tours was by far this little girl's favorite ride...The Star Troopers also seemed to favor her :)

Though most rides appealed to Ania's sense of adventure, there was one that would never see the shadow of her back again. The first few minutes in the Haunted Mansion proved to be a mistake as the eerie organ music began to play and Grandma had to escort a weeping Ania back to the entrance. 

Ania agreed after riding in the teacups, that she had picked the fastest one of them fact, that seemed to be the case with every ride that they chose that day. They had by far the fastest horse on the carousal and the speediest truck in Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

As the heat intensified, the little group took a moments reprieve inside the Golden Horseshoe for an entertaining show and some scrumptious ice-cream and cool air.

Two privileged girls got the balcony seating...

Then the fun was back into full swing again...Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain...

...and as mom mistakenly put it, Winnie the Pooh's "honey-buckets" which took them on an enjoyable ride through the hundred acre woods.

A showing of Aladdin was playing while they were there...which they managed to see twice. It was a very magical play for a little seven year old girl, who had never actually seen a play before. With a giant camel and horses riding through the audience, and Aladdin and Jasmine flying over the audience on their magic carpet, it was a favorite for her.

The evening concluded with a lovely parade...

...And a relaxing couple of hours in the pool before heading back to their warm beds for some much needed R&R.

The last day day greeted some of the party with a little less enthusiasm then the first day. But Ania, who had a ceaseless fountain of energy. 
The little party didn't miss seeing a thing. It being their last day, they made sure to fit every last thing left undone into those last 24 hours. Ania met Minnie, kissed chip and Dale, shook hands with Mickey and gave Donald a high five...
...But she could not figure out, not being familiar with the story of 101 Dalmatians, why Cruella Deville was the only character in all of Disneyland that made all rude comments. When asked, Ania said that she did not say a word to the lady because she was mean and snapped at both of us as soon as we tried to put our arms around her for a picture.

We also got a chance to see Olaf from a distance...we weren't crazy enough to join the crowd of people waiting in line for 3 hours.

Our last stop was the magical Toon Town; the home of all Disney's characters.

That last night, Ania and I went shopping in downtown Disneyland getting out last glimpse of that magical place, and even picking up a little souvenir. 

The next morning was a tear-filled one for one little girl who had enjoyed every little moment of her trip.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
I love Disneyland. It is probably going to be my favorite trip; I had such a fun time.  Screaming was my favorite ride (though I didn't scream :) I didn't want to leave there. You made it so much fun for me. Thank you so much...
Love Ania