Friday, March 28, 2014

Green House...literally!

The sun has begun to peak its head out from the clouds upon a rainy Vancouver. Crickets can now be heard from our bedroom window at nighttime. Little daffodils have already popped up on the dirt mounds, which Ania has officially titled, "The First Signs of Spring".
Yes, it is Spring time again...Or, around our house, "Gardening Season".
What does that look like???

Suddenly the laundry room has been transformed, from a place for clean laundry into a green house of growth...tomatoes are popping up from little black planting jars and a thick warmth from the heat lamps provides a green house affect.

...the clothes have found a new home on the bonus room couch. 
It took a little bit for mom to adjust to this idea at first.

...Just when she was beginning to adapt, her kitchen table was taken over with sprouting peppers and a plastic structure that held more heat lamps. A constant fan was going to strengthen the roots...and freeze out the residents :)

Teachers had to improvise...and the kitchen counters became the new classrooms area. 

Since then, Dad has sworn to provide a green house for next years planting...I believe this was after a bucket of mud was lugged into his "museum" to fill the plastic containers :)

And the master mind behind this all, you may be wondering...yeppers, you guessed it: The man with the Shiny new Lexus.
Jonathon has been pouring time and energy into this farm to make this a fruitful year. The garden is looking great, and weed free (for right now :) 
We are hoping for a successful year this has not been the case in previous years :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He Never Did Before

What is it that has Jonathon taking such attentive care of this Lexus...ensuring at all time that no other cars are parked within a 20 foot radius of it, taking meticulous care not to track any mud onto the mats, and cautiously avoiding parking under any birds...when he never did before?

Why is it that he took such caution in purchasing his own personal cleaning supplies for the said vehicle when we already had a fine set of working gloves and a cleaning cloth
(minus a couple stones lodged into the material)?
He never did this before.

Why is it that he is seen cleaning the car himself...being a busy man with a full work load, there are plenty of people who willingly would have done it in his stead? (He had always thought of me before whenever the Lincoln needed a good cleaning)

What is it that makes him use such care in its cleaning...washing and drying...waxing and buffing?

Could it be that this shiny new car, this carefully washed vehicle, this cherished Lexus,...could it be that it is his, his very own personal purchase...his car? Yes sir, this beauty of a vehicle is Jonathon's new baby.