Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be Mine!

Well, I don't know how y'all spent your valentine's Day, but I got to spend mine in the company of some of the cutest lads and lasses you ever did see...
The day began with babysitting for these seven little treasures...

This little guy has had my heart from the first time he decided that my nickname was to be "beautiful"...and he has continued to capture it with the little comments that he makes; like the time that he stayed with me in the kitchen to help with the dishes because "we made such a good team."
And when he told me that he wanted to take my picture so that he would not forget me (he got the picture :) 

We spent the day having a grand old time. playing games and goofing around...twas a wonderful first part to our Valentines.

But Valentines did not end there... for we had the arrival of these three little men into our household that very same day. 

It has become tradition that when these young gentleman come to the Spafford household for their mini-vacation, they receive a pancake breakfast on the following morning...

But not just any pancakes, as Luke reminded us, it was to be heart shapes that morning! (and with plenty of chocolate chips :)

These little boys definitely added personality to our Valentine's Day. 

We had great fun, full of energy, enthusiasm, activity, and many laughs!
Though, I do realize that some of you might not have been so lucky with your Valentine day.
 But don't worry...Korea actually has a holiday for you. It's called "National Forever Alone Day", and is celebrated on April 14th for those who did not receive a Valentines date. The day is spent in solitude, eating black noodles...so have fun!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Once upon a time, when sunny weather had turned into frightful snow storms, in a place that rarely saw the snow, the people that lived there did not know how to maneuver in such conditions and became trapped inside their homes. 

Plans were changed, appointments rescheduled, and work days changed to play days...

Fires burned hot, blankets were pulled out; people cozied up closer, and began surviving on hot tea and coffee.

The fire became a popular place for both chilly people and snowy clothes alike...

Roads iced over, preventing all modes of transportation 
(this we know; for we got stuck on the first day of the great snow fall)

Even the Schools were canceled and snow gear was taken out...

Then the fun began...
...only one thing was missing though: there were no sled.

...till Chris and Jonathon changed all that; and an adorable  homemade sled resulted after 1 1/2 hours of labor.

For these people, it was a rarity to have a good old fashioned snowball fight and this was taken full advantage of. 
(Though, somehow, Leisel and I became the sole targets for their snowballs.)

Progression: 1. Everyone against Leisel and Lynnae fighting them from their fort

2. Leisel and Lynnae, who have no defense (and are easy targets,) take off running for the pine trees.

3. Leisel and Lynnae are found minutes later, tunneling their way under the trees.

There was even occasion found for a winter photo shoot.

But soon, the cold became biting, and hot cider began sounding more and more pleasant.

What could be better than some warm homemade pizza to top it all off...the perfect dish for a chilly day.

But after a few days of being snowed in, these people began to crave company from the outside world... 

...So for those of them as could make it, there was held a party;
 It started out with the second installment of Lord of the Rings Trilogy, followed by a quick intermission for some delicious dessert and many pots of tea :)

And ended finally with a late night game of Apples to Apples...

There was, of course, that Cross Country ski trip taken with a group from church before the big snowfall trapped us in
(Though some of the group was able to stay in a resort there for a few days, Kayleen was the only one in our family who stayed more than a day.)

Making an igloo

Pastor Will became officially labeled the "bird man".

Yet, even though the schools had been canceled, one teacher still managed to fit in a class of Home-ec...

...which resulted in a warm breakfast of buttermilk and pumpkin pancakes...

...and left the kitchen in a state of catastrophic disaster.


Eventually the snow was followed by freezing rain, and still no one could leave their homes. Sunday rolled around, and the family found their only option to be watching a sermon from their living room couch.

Longing eyes began staring out frosted windows as the weather forecast looked more and more foreboding...Some did not find this snowed-in-state altogether too unpleasant. But then again, they did not have full time jobs :)

Slowly, snow turned into slush and the roads began looking more welcoming...work started up again, school was in full function, and once again, life returned to its normal routine.

The End