Thursday, January 30, 2014

Confessions of a Wannabe Dog

It had been speculated that her recent behavior was due to the large amount of trauma that she had suffered in the past few weeks. Losing two partners, the first to a coyote and the second as an escapee, all in the span of a month, can largely alter a goose's personality. She had never been a very violent goose fact, she tended towards a more docile demeanor.
Whatever it was that changed, it didn't really matter to me that morning as I stood behind Bear for protection, rubbing my bitten jeans. All I knew was that we had an attack goose.

Another peculiarity of hers was that, one day, while all of us were working out in the garden, Jemima randomly picked Leisel as her little prodigy. She would not let anyone get near her or she attacked them...(and Jemima draws blood) Wherever Leisel went, you could see a little goose wobbling a few feet behind her (even attempting to sneak part way into the house with Leisel) If Leisel tried talking to us, Jemima would start honking over the top of her, as if she were to be the only object of Leisel's attention. When Jemima was scolded for her attacking, she would lay her head on Leisel's lap and start squawking.

But that wasn't the most peculiar thing about her. After the loss of two companions, she relied solely upon Bear for her protection. As the days went on, we began to notice little things about her that seemed to be a bit more...well, "doggish";  like the time that she was found eating bear's dog food in the garage. Even on some occasions, she was known to follow people part way on their walks; she made it half way down the street one time, waddling along like it was nobodies business. She has even been known to sit on people's laps for attention. But most of all, of recent, she has become our guard-goose. As she honks above Bear's warning bark, she will start wobbling after the cars that come to our house and attempt attacking the people.

All I can say is...Beware of Attack Goose!!!
Now our poor UPS man has not only to worry about our "vicious" watchdog, but an equally intimidating attack goose.
I prepared a slideshow dedicated to the said goose, having been the object of one of these vicious attacks :)


Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Everyday!

The tree is gone, stockings no longer hang from the balcony, dead pine needles litter the floor...the special Christmas music that once filled the house has been replaced by varieties of just "normal" music (like the new Celtic Thunder CD Cosette bought for me ;)

Slowly the decorations have been taken down and everyone has once again resumed their busy has started up again, and family times, we know, will become "few and far between". You no longer hear the words, "Merry Christmas" or see manger scenes in the front of people's yards. The one time of year when secular radio stations can be heard playing songs like "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night" is now over....

And yet, for us as Christians, the reason we celebrate doesn't end the day after Christmas, but is an all-year celebration. Our Savior is alive, and reigning and He is waiting for the time when He will rapture His Saints to reign with Him through all eternity. As we were reminded of on Sunday, the Christian celebrates the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ every day... Isn't it wonderful to think that we have a hope that is alive!!!
May God richly bless you in this coming year, and may we remember the great gift of Jesus Christ throughout every day!
Merry Christmas ;)

Here's a slideshow I threw together of our Christmas break...enjoy ;)