Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happenings in the Classroom

Once upon a time there was a that felt so very loved. And because of that, it made her job such a delight. Each morning, she would look forward to going from room to room and waking up those sleepy little faces (though some were a little less than pleasant to arouse.) But her absolute favorite part was when all of her students were gathered around her on the comfy couches, cuddled up to read their history books. Each time, the eager little voices would plead for just one more chapter. But an even greater highlight for these students was home-ec day. Excitement drove them on to finish their subjects early. Then, the commotion would begin as they all crowded into the kitchen, donned on their aprons, and gathered all kinds of "sweet" ingredients.

On one particular day, when apples covered every square inch of their kitchen, stoves were all used up, ovens were gainfully employed, sinks piled high, counters tops crowded, and absolutely not one infinitesimal of a counter space left for baking...they decided then that they would not be stopped, but instead made use of the small stove attached to their outside grill. Minutes later, fresh donuts were being served for those as wanted them.

The teacher rarely went a day without at least one surprise from her students. At one instance, she was correcting the youngest ones spelling, when the girl exclaimed, "This picture is so pathetic! Look!" she pointed to the picture on her spelling book. It was a girl swinging a racket. "They drew the racket in the picture without any lines on it. The ball would go right through it. So I had to draw them in for them. Isn't that so pathetic!"
And then there was the time when that same little student looked at her and told her, "I'm so glad to have you as my teacher and not the crooked minded people at the public schools."

There were also those special little surprises that succeeded in lightening up her day. Like the time when she came to her teacher's seat and found that someone had made her a cup of her favorite Licorice tea with her name on a label, and the label on the cup. Or the time that she was surprised with two highly decorated posters to put over her bed. And out of an abundance of 1600 pounds of apples, she was the recipient of two of them.

She found that surprises came in many different forms...(even teachers learn new things every day :) Students would sometimes sneak downstairs before she had aroused them and get an extra-early start on school. Others would pretend to be on their beginning subjects when in reality they only had one subject left. Such were the surprises this teacher would be presented with.

But she had her own up her sleeve. When the students eyes were diverted, and she was busy correcting their work, she would make the scratch marks on a separate paper piece of paper, making them believe their problems to be marked wrong. Deflated faces would turn her way as they realized their school scores were doomed, only to find that they had received a 100%.

Of course, there were plenty of times when the teacher found herself solving aimless little battles, like whose turn it was to sit by her, or stopping that disturbing whistling coming from one corner of the classroom so that the other students could focus. But in even this, she found herself greatly blessed.

And oh, the simple pleasures of being a teacher...from hearing the national anthem sung in three different keys, with a grand screech when hitting that high note, to the little gifts that these students bestowed upon her. And those little arms that would encompass round her when she was having a hard day, and the little voice that would whisper, "I love you." Not to be forgotten were those creative reports and projects that would be turned in and leave the teacher smiling.

The students were having a very enjoyable year of school. Their teacher liked using the library as a major source of their learning. Their very first installment of materials was a total of 26 items (both books, audio Cd's and DVDs) was so great an amount that the library shelves could not contain the lot of it but had to place them in a box to be kept till pick-up.

 This teacher knew that she had it very good. That this was where the Lord wanted her, and that teaching these little hearts was her mission field. Perhaps to some, the job of teacher might seem tedious and unrewarding, but for one to but catch one glimpse of those glowing little faces every morning with their eager enthusiasm, to teach them at these beginning stages of their learning, one would find that no job was SO rewarding.

With family running here and there, this teacher felt very blessed to be able to stay in the comfort of home, surrounded by those smiling little faces, and teaching the ones that she loved so very dearly. In fact, there was no place that she would rather be then sitting in that little nook, surrounded by text books and red pencils. She realized as she sat there that such little blessings had been put there by her Heavenly Father that she might be given even more reasons to praise Him and to cause her to thank her God all the more.

When writing this post, the teacher was asked by one of her students what this blog post was to be about. She answered, "Some people that I love very much." The little red headed, freckle faced boy lit up and answered, "Then that must be me!"


This song is one that has always reminded me of our family and pretty well sums up what a day at our house looks like :) Enjoy!