Thursday, April 18, 2013

Measure Twice, Cut Once

It was one of those projects that was just sitting there, waiting to be done, that just kept getting pushed aside...the shelf for our TV. And then one week, Dad finally got a one week vacation and decided that building a TV shelf was the perfect project to fill his time. If you know Dad, he is the perfectionist in everything...the one who takes that tape measure and measures, and then measures again...and again. So, after measuring and building...and hours and hour spent out in the garage...after piles and piles of sawdust...and multiple runs to Lowes....he had a beautiful little shelf out of it. All that needed to be done was the staining. Knowing that it would be a while before he finally got to it, he decided to bring the shelf in and try it out.

Everyone was very excited as the long awaited for project was carried in. Oohs and aahs erupted as he scooted out the TV and placed the shelf in the empty space. "It fits perfectly Daddy!" There was now only the placing in of the TV.

And then Leisel piped up, "Dad, is the TV gonna fit in that little space?" Looking at the TV standing in front of the empty space, it looked a little too tall.
Dad looked up. "Oh, no! Oh no! Um...."
At which point mother looked at him and said, "Well Kelly, you measured the height, right?"
A smile answered the question, along with a nervous laugh. And then the dreaded, "No."

He just stood there in shock. "Let me just look at it for a moment." He sat down....He looked at it for a very long moment...and we all burst into laughs. "I'm not sure what I was thinking! I thought I could just stick that little puppy in there tonight."  Then he hopped up, "I'm getting a tape measure." Sure enough, after all that work, and all that time, and after the beautiful masterpiece that had come out of it, it was 1/2 inch short. And no amount of twisting or turning, or cutting, or measuring could make it fit into that space.

..."Man, it sure is a nice shelf though." :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Twice Blessed

Dr. and Mrs. Felix

This last weekend we were doubly blessed by two wonderful conferences that we attended...both, our annual church Spring Bible conference and another one at the Word of Grace Bible Church.

 It was pretty amazing. Dr. Felix was the speaker at our church and Rick Holland spoke at the Word of Grace Bible Church...(and if you don't know who either of those men are, get on YouTube right now, look them up and listen to one of their messages :)
 What was really amazing was how their messages both touched on the same subjects...The Supremacy of Christ and His glorification.

Dr. Felix's main points were on a Christian's full understanding of Christ and how that affects the way we live our lives.  Some of his main points focused on how Christ must be preeminent in our lives, holding first place in everything. He brought up the importance of running the Christian race stripped of all hindrances and focused fully on Christ, our goal. He also explained how we are to take on the mind of Christ, and His humility...that same mind that brought Him to bear our sins on the cross.

 The main message Rick Holland gave was focusing on the importance of leaving Christ uneclipsed by the removal of the sins in our lives; and instead, living in the full light of his glory. He made a large emphasis on spending time in the Word...more than just for that first hour in the morning. But renewing your mind throughout the day with mediation and prayer. I loved the illustration that he made about how when you look at the sun for a period of time and then look away, it has been so burned in your eyes, that the image stays with you for a long time afterwards. He explained that it is a telling sign of what is most important in the lives of believes by what they invest their money, time and thought life in.
He talked about how the joy of Christ should be in you so fully that your like a cup of water that every time someone bumps into you, the joy just spills over...He said that something's is going spill over, it's just whether it's gonna be despair, anger, or joy. etc.

He also brought out the point that as Christians, it's easy to slip into following a list of "do's and don't" instead of following a Savior...I quote, "Have you turned your faith into a way to behave rather than a person to love?"

All in all, the conference was amazing, the fellowship was rich and encouraging, and the music was very worshipful. I think there was a turnout of about 600 youths. 
I went away feeling that there was a lot that needed changing in my own mindset and how I look at Christ. 

(And like at the last conference I attended, I did  not get my book signed, which I had bought specifically for the purpose...I figured it was just my luck :)

That following Sunday, our Pastor's sermon followed the same theme that we'd been learning at both conferences...we were all beginning to think that maybe the Lord was really trying to emphasize an area in our life that needed working.

Here is an amazing song that they played there...