Saturday, March 30, 2013

While We Were Yet Sinners...

Dedicated to Pastor Will Custis; 
Based on his Sermon Good Friday 
on August 5, 2012

‘Twas on the darkest day of earth
The blackest deed was done
Said to be for blasphemy
They crucified God’s Son

Mocked He was by those He’d made
Dying for sins He had not done
That day, sin’s price in full was paid
That perfect sacrifice

They knew not through this wicked deed
As creature killed Creator
That they were killing David’s seed
The sinless God, our Savior

Nay, all was done accordingly
Blood coins withheld from offering
The bodies taken from the tree
The day they crucified their King

He was the final sacrifice
The Passover for Jews
Prophesied in ages past
The Savior’s heel to bruise

People passing, unaware
That as they went to sacrifice
The ultimate Atonement
Was, then, paying sin’s full price

And yet the sun refused to shine
As all of nature testified
Through quaking earth, and splitting rocks
Their Maker, then was crucified

Fulfilling all God’s will, alone
As those He loved refused to stay
Fearing then, His name to own
They fled from Him that day
Nay, even the Father turned away
Our sins He could not look on
And man rejected Him that day
The Father’s one and only Son

Yet it was in that final hour
To Mary His beloved one
He thought not of His own great pain
But cried to her, “Behold Thy Son.”

Then all at once, so gloriously
His loving thoughts then turned to me
As calling, “God, forgive these ones.”
“Who do not know what they have done.”

Then came the time for one last cry
In need of strength, He cried, “I thirst.”
Triumphant came the Savior’s sigh
“It is finished now”, Christ's victory 

Then giving up His Spirit
For the bride crying “Crucify Thee”
Too late the mockers realized
That truly this was He

Then all at once, as glory spread
The Father looked upon His Son
The One in whom He was well pleased
His work at last was done

Yet through an unknown mystery
That holy veil rent in two
Removed the barrier set for me
Providing entrance to my Yaweh

Where once the thousands stood in shame
Stained with their sins so black
10,000s stood bearing His name
As Father and Son were glorified

“Yet cries the Son, I am not done
I’ll come again, so wait
Be faithful till the race is won
Then enter through the open gate”

~Lynnae Spafford~
May God richly bless you this Easter Sunday as you seek to live your life more for Him...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Lesson in Physics

I thought I would post a picture of little bro who knows nothing about physics; he doesn't know about the acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s^2 or 32.8 ft/s^2); he doesn't know the implications of potential energy (PE = mgh), particularly the 'h' term; he doesn't know the equations of a body in free fall; he doesn't know simple mechanics of materials or know about overloaded simply supported beams; he doesn't know about shear stress, bending stress, stress concentrations, or crack propagation theory; and if I hadn't caught him before he sawed the board in half on which he was sitting, he would have learned all of the above in a single crash course... literally!

Guest post by Jonathon

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Airsoft Wars

Saturday morning rolled around (and a little too quickly, in my opinion...we'd stayed up a wee bit too late the night before :). Though the weather was not at all that promising, Leisel and I joined a group of friends for a game of air soft. Yes, air soft, our newly adopted hobby :) About a month ago, a friend invited Leisel and I to one of these wars...after that, we were hopelessly hooked...and contrary to what everyone else says, the bullets don't hurt too bad :)
A spacious stretch of forested land awaited us, complete with barbed wire and a couple wooden forts. Though the war was to have started at 9:00, due the number of people that needed to load up, and get ready, we didn't start till 10:30.
When it began, there were bullets flying all over and people running from tree to tree. It kinda felt like you were in one of those Band of Brothers scenes as the soldiers ran from foxhole to foxhole...Cept I figured that, were I one of those soldiers, I would have been one of the first to have gotten knocked off (I'm still trying to master the art of staying alive for more than the first ten minutes of the war :) 
The weather was just perfect, with only a slight drizzle making its way through the trees. Except just before we were ready to head back, it opened up in torrents and poured bucket fully exhausted and thoroughly drenched, we headed back, already anticipating the next time...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Well, it's Daddy's birthday, and he's not here to celebrate...Sadly, he had another business trip to Thailand, and he won't be back for a little while yet. In the meantime, I wanted to write a post expressing just how special this man is that I am blessed to call Daddy.

Ever since I was little, the first thing that I would see in the morning through the glass pane of the den door was my Daddy, kneeling on the floor in prayer. He usually would have just finished his Bible reading and would be having a time of prayer before he had to rush out the door for has since then been a reminder to me of my own need for that "Prayer without ceasing" matter the hour, Daddy would be up, praying. If he had to leave extra early that day, he'd make a point to get up a little earlier to save that time with His Savior...and it's still that way to this day.

Daddy is also a great blog surfer with some of the theological sites out there. And he always gets really excited when he stumbles across a really good article from either "Challie's Blog" or "The Cripple Gate" ...whenever we kids see him walk in the room holding his iPad, we know he's come across a new article and we get to enjoy it too. I always love it when Daddy gets to a part in one of those articles where it talks about the overwhelming grace of our Savior, and Daddy has to pause cause he gets choked up.

Dad is seriously the most thoughtful man I know...he is constantly seeking out ways to minister to those in need and to serve others. In fact, just the other night, Daddy demonstrated this thoughtfulness when, at my request, he joined us on the floor for my birthday dinner so that we could eat the Korean meal authentically. :) At the same time he is helping others, Dad is always making sure that he's doing his job as a Dad to raise a family centered on a mutual love for Christ. When we were very young, we had a "Proverbs" time...we'd all get up early each morning, he'd take out his old worn bible with its many highlights and written in notes, and we'd study it we study later in the evenings.

Daddy has always had his "favorite" songs...and whenever he finds a new one, we get to hear it played over and over and over... until we're sure we have it memorized. A particular favorite is, "Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose". But Daddy just loves those songs that he can worship with. You can usually find him directing the song with his hand and singing along...depending on what song it is, he either turns to us and says, "Man kids, I could'a been a country singer."...or, "Oh, I could have been a black singer."

I've always admired the great respect that Dad has for Mom, and her job as a wife and mother. He's been a clear picture of Christ's love for His church...both in his faithfulness and his leadership in our home. Dad has always been very involved in the lives of his children, even though he's one of the busiest men I know. I like the saying, "Any man can be a fatherbut it takes a special person to be a dad." Dad doesn't just go through the motions of being a Dad, he loves it. Few men would get on Skype while they're overseas on a business trip so that they could give their children a Bible study...

I also realize that few men nowadays have the same desire for such a large family. Each time I look around the faces of my siblings and feel that overwhelming sense of gratitude, I realize how much dad is apart of making our family the way it is. He's worked so hard over the years to pull us all together and make us close with each other. Dad has given me the greatest earthly gift a parent can give a child...a close family, united in a love for Christ, enabling mom to stay at home and raise us and home school us. I look forward to him walking in the door every day, and am thrilled on those days when he can work at home.

And I have only just begun...I haven't even mentioned his famous "lectures" to his kids that always include the phrase, "I don't mean to beat a dead horse..." or "I know I'm stating the obvious here, kids", and that all famous line, "Were not just 11 individuals that happen to live at the same address". Or there's his abhorrence of sticky spots on the floor, and his famous, "Kid's this house is not a museum, but.." speech, and much more :)

To Dad: Happy Birthday! And thank you so much for all that you have done to make this family what it is....We love you so much!!! You are very much missed, and we are all counting down the days to your return. In the meantime, we'll each eat a piece of birthday cake in your absence.

P.S. I know his birthdays the 15th, but it's his birthday now where he is :)

"A righteous man
who walks in his integrity -
How blessed are his sons
after him."
Proverbs 20:7

 "For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice, so that the Lord may bring to Abraham what he has promised him.” Genesis 18:19

"As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him." Psalm 103:13

Saturday, March 9, 2013

For the Sake of the Penguin

"Mom," a despondent little boy ran up to his mommy with a look of determination on his face. "From now on, I am going vegetarian!"
And this, my readers, was the results of just a couple of episodes of "Planet Earth" which were a few scenes where these cute little penguins were devoured by their predators....too much for a little boy :)
He continued..."In fact, I am going to Indonesia or to the Arctic and I'm going to kill all of the predators...the ones that eat those little penguins."

With that, he packed up his military backpack with enough supplies for his survival, and whatever amount of time it would take him to rid this earth of all of the predators. It contained a pair of binoculars, a plastic hammer, some rope, a harmonica (for moral :), his wallet (very necessary for the arctic), plastic spoons, and a miniature football. Of course the whole front pocket was stuffed with clothes...This was received with a "No you don't!", from his mommy, and the explanation that even those innocent looking penguins are predators...don't worry, he's still here with us.

Well, it didn't take long before Austin was introduced to the green smoothie...the perfect first vegetarian meal for him. (I'm not quite sure how thrilled he was with the idea of vegetarian after that :)

The looks on everybody's faces has nothing to do with the delectablibility of the smoothies :)