Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three Students + Schooling = Bussiness

I suppose you could say that life has been a wee bit busier this year since helping mom with to make up for my absence, I am going to give you a sneak-peek into my life over the past 3 weeks (*eek*, it's been that long???) through pictures, videos, quotes, and report that the kids have written...Enjoy :)

I have found that as teacher, I get a mixture of both re-education in the subjects that I'm been teaching the kids, and plenty of comic relief throughout the day. It was just the other day, as Ania was reading her history book, she turned to one of the girls and explained, "Did you know that back in the old days, slaves were only counted as 3/5 of a person." She paused and considered, "I mean, it was nice of them to at least think of them as people." (We've got a lot of learning yet to do :)

At another time, I was trying to help Austin figure out a problem in math. He was kinda in a bad mood and was determined that he didn't know the answer to the problem. After trying to help him a few times, I finally laid the notebook in front of him and told him to hand it back when he'd figured out the answer. I got the notebook back with this on it....
...boy, I hate it at these moments when I really should be keeping a straight and stern face :)

Ania has recently gotten a Hello Kitty Journal for her last birthday. The other day, she was proudly sharing with mom her very first entry. A little background before I quote her :)....Jonathon has always called Ania his girlfriend, and Ania calls him Boyfriend; but in the last few months, they have shortened it to the abbreviations BF and GF...that said, here it is...."We went to church today, and right now, Austin is drawing. My BF is reading his Bible and trying not to kiss GF"... :)

And what kind of a teacher would I be if'n I didn't include Home-EC into their school schedules....right? So, the plan is to choose at least one day of the week and let them make the lunch. Wednesday, Annie came running to me to show me a recipe for chocolate mint muffins that she'd found, squealing all the while at her discovery of what she called a "fatty" recipe. Sadly, I don't have a picture of them, for they didn't last longer then a few hours.

...Of course, there are always times like this when you can choose to either cry or smile...But after my little Annie has just told you, "Nae-Nae, while you were asleep, I was trying to do everything to get you to smile, but you didn't. I guess your smile just does something to my day."...I think you'd opt to laugh as well :) 

Of course, never a day goes by when I don't wonder at the little worlds of children. Their worries are so funny at those ages compared to the subjects that adults have to deal with. You'll find their squabbles consist of little more that whether the one sitting next to them can keep one toe or two on their chair or which of them can scoot the closer to teacher. 

It is such a blessing to be their teacher as I get to watch them grow and mature.  They have such neat perspectives on life. Ania looked at me confused the other day and asked me, "Why do our neighbors send their children to public schools when they say that they're Christians? I mean, children are meant to be home schooled."

Lastly, Here are a couple reports written by both Annie and Ania that I thought y'all would enjoy...

ANNIE's Report on whether the rebellion of 1776 was right or not:"Was 1776 right? My opinion is no because Peter in his letter says, "Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake whether it be to the king as supreme or to government as to those who are sent by Him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of them that do good." Yet they didn't submit to King George III which I think is very wrong. In verse 16 of 1 Peter chapter 2, it says, "As free and not using your liberty as a cloak of maliciousness but as servants of God, honor all people, love the brotherhood, honor the king." They should have been submissive and brought it before the Lord, leaving it in His hands, but praying without ceasing."

ANIA's report on children's Colonial clothing:"When I was 12, I was wearing scratchy clothing like this. It didn't feel good at all. And you probably would think so, too. It probably would scratch you, too, I’m guessing. You probably would agree with me. I know it really hurt.
They had to wear bodices (corsets :) and it really hurt them. And they had to wear them under there clothing.
Especially the whale’s bones. they had to wear bodices to keep them straight when they sat and when
Walked. and it really hurt when they walked. It would hurt me if I wear won of the bodices." 
(You'd almost have to have heard her read this :)

Also, I was watching from inside the other day, and I thought that this scene was too priceless not to record...Austin is teaching Annie to ride her bike...yes, I actually let them have free time :)


Hope that's made up for some of the lost time. As you can see, I have been otherwise occupied :)