Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spaffords Gone Korean...

It all started out with a 20 hour tv series....specifically, a Korean drama. It was hopeless from then on... K-popera began being played throughout the house, little bits of the language was picked up and spoken amongst each other, studies of the culture were quickly looked into, and lastly, a full, authentic Korean dinner was made, and eaten Korean style.

What, exactily does this entail, you may ask. Well....

...we decided that if we were going to do somethings Korean, mind as well go all out in the name of authenticity. Which meant,  having dinner on the floor (something that would never have been allowed were daddy eating with us :) eating our food with chopsticks, and "slurping" up the chopchae noodles (to be explained further ;)

The table was carefully set in the most authentic way possible...each place setting carefully laid out.

The meal consisted of Mandu...deep-fat fried dumplings filled with cabbage, zucchini, and beef. Superb really, but I don't want to make you jealous....

Then there was Chopchae/Jopchae...which I was really excited about, because, as we had observed from the movie, they don't eat this like we eat our noodles. Nope, they scoop up a bundle of noodle with the chopsticks, tilt their heads sideways and slurp them up. It was so much fun...yikes, I make it sound like I find enjoyment out of this kinda' behavior... I do :)

And lastly, the special dish that Jonathon and I had prepared five days in advance...Kimichi, the all famous Korean dish.  It's basically cabbage and radishes, mixed together with different spices and then fermented for a few days. I know it sounds weird....most of the fam was pretty critical about the whole idea at first....but in my personal opinion, it's really super good!!!!!

I believe it proved to be a rather successful evening...even though we didn't end up sitting down till about ten :)
It was definitely a meal to be repeated in the near future :)

That said, I bid you farewell....안녕히 가세요 (goodbye :)

And to add the last touch of authenticity to this post, I've included one of my favorite songs...Enjoy :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The War of the Hoses!

So, a little background here...we've been cleaning our porch and getting it prepped for re-sealing. First of all,  we had to soap it up and scrub the grey out and get it back to it's natural color. 'Nough said...

Anything wrong with this picture here???? 

How about this one???? ...these were the thoughts running through the heads of these girls as they vigorously scrubbed at the porch. 

It came to them in such an overpowering signal that it drowned out the voice above them calling out, "Grey spot! Put a little elbow grease into that!"

In my opinion, the flip scene of this situation was a lot more pleasant to observe :) 

....How did we get there, you may ask???? Of course, one must expect some sort of price to be paid for such rebellious acts before peace can reign supreme. So began the battle of the hoses. 

'Twas only minutes into the battle and not a spot on any of us was dry. But, things took a turn for the worst when Jonathon discovered the face mask lying near by which he used as his defense against our merciless spraying...but, of course, the girls eventually gained the upper hand when at last, Jonathon's hose was turned off...and the last we saw of him was his soaking form as he high-tailed it for the other end of the yard. I think it could well be said to have been the third world war...or as it has been dubbed "The War of the Hoses"

Due to potential danger to the camera man, Kayleen remained in the safety of the indoors...hence the slightly poor quality of this film. Turn up the volume....and by the way, the screaming in this wasn't me :)


Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Back To School!

No more am I to be amongst the few sitting at the table as the more calls to "stay focused" or "no more talking" (yes, that was usually thanks to Charae :) The reason?'ve probably guessed it. I am half-way graduating from student to teacher this year (with still just a teansy bit of work to finish up before I can call it official)

Yes, the school year has finally started...though it would seem to some that it just ended. Personally, I have been looking forward to this school year...mainly for the reason of being able to help mom with some of the teaching...

...and also in part, my excitement was due to my students very eager, I did not threaten her to put that smile on her face!

Of course, it is kind of a bitter sweet excitement, since part of the need for a teacher is due to my sister's leaving this year. (I will explain that part of this all in more detail in another post :)

I smiled when I overheard Austin and Ania talking this morning. "Austin, you're doing a good job." Ania encouraged. To which Austin replied."Well, thank you, Ania. You're doing a good job too." Ania hesitated, "Well, you can't really say that because I just started school." Austin, trying still to pay a compliment, continued with, "Well, you did have your devotions, and that's part of school." Ania quickly responded, "Yah, you're right. It's the best part of school." Yah, I have it pretty good :)

 The first few days have been just wonderful! I have reserved Fridays for a more relaxed and...HOPEFULLY... a more exciting day...knowing how tedious school can be with nothing to look forward to. So last Friday, we had our first dress-up school day, along with a special lunch provided by Kayleen and Cosette (the most magnificent chefs :)

Austin found that there were even some learning techniques to being a gentleman...but he didn't really have to be taught that :)

Aren't they all a lovely group :) Austin came to me at the beginning of the day and said, "Nae, do I kinda remind you of Abraham Lincoln?"

Leisel is in charge of P.E. which consists of both running and calisthenics. The above scene is the warm ups before they take off. When Austin arrived back, he informed Charae that he felt as though someone had stabbed him in the stomach.

I am not sure as this last photo is a good sign or not...either I completely sucked every drop of energy out of the poor little girl, or she is resting herself up for another busy day.