Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gardening, Here We Come!

I guess you could say that the garden was beginning to get a tad bit overrun with weeds over the past few weeks, and we were feeling the teensiest bit of urgency to clean it up. It also didn't help that those plants on the window sill were kinda', well, in the way. I mean, if every time you had to open the windowsill, you had to move each individual cup forward and then back again, and there were only about 60 cups there...You kinda' get the idea that maybe some serious planting needs doing!
The weather was perfect! Just the kind of day that you expect to come outside and breath in that fresh summery scent that comes when you live in the country...Well, you know that compost of "this and that and a whole lot more" that has been rotting in our wooden boxes for the past months? Yah, well, what awaited us was the not so delightful fresh smell of chicken condensed compost...Need I say more :) 

Of course, you come to a point in your day, after a morning of work when you can feel the energy has slowly been drained out of you, and the morning's coffee is beginning to lose it's effect...then you know it's time for some serious reviving! 

And as the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy", so with that in mind, we made sure there was plenty of R and R time. The only problem is, when you're laying back in your chair, the warm sun on your face, the birds singing, and bi-planes flying overhead, it is rather miserable to get out of your very nice and cozy position, and get back to work. In fact, we'd usually opt to just stay there, no one wanting to be the first one to get up and ruin the peaceful relaxation.

Then it's back to work, and no more play...EXCEPT when older brother is weaseled into to giving some of the smaller members of our group a ride in the wheelbarrow. 

Then their were times when the Houston needed some time to hone in on some of the finer techniques of baseball.

Now, I must say, there is one thing that is absolutely marvelous about having a bunch of siblings and getting to all work out in the yard together...You see, it all started with a scathingly brilliant idea; We would tell a carry-on story...where someone starts a story, and it gets passed on and added to. Then Jonathon preceded to make it into a hilarious, English style comedy, and we girls left most of the telling to him, with little one sentence fillers in the middle to prove that we were still a part of it :)

This is Ania during a break in weeding when I decided to give her a small bike lesson. The picture above is the flip scene of my endeavors. She's looking at me from a rather awkward angle and saying, "Nae-Nae, it's just the weather. Maybe we shouldn't be doing this today!"

Okay, so let me explain, this picture was totally on purpose...REALLY! I am not really this stupid...most of the time!Though I began to wonder that day whether I had some blond roots in my hair when I declared to the girls that with the sun burning down like it was, I was beginning to feel a little red on top...and then it struck me :)

Then...It's those last couple hours at the end of the day that just seem to drag on...When you're looking at the clock and thinking, wasn't it 4:30 last time I looked?

Course, for those of you who did not know, Annalise and Austin went on a delightful trip to Disneyland last week....So, as I had promised Ania, that night, Leisel and my weary bones took refuge in the rather unstable design of our tent made out of bedroom blankets and supported by books...we went to sleep tat night with the delightful thought, hanging over our heads (literally) that any moment, this little tent could come crashing down on our peacefully sleeping selves :) 

But for the most part, our garden is mostly planted, and the optimists of our group are hoping and praying for a rather fruitful garden this year... in other words, very different results from the last two years.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Summary of the Last Ten Days...

For those of you who are not aware of the fact... Leisel and I have been absent from our natural habitat for the last ten days. This was due to a delightful trip to our grandparents. 

Here is a picture of the guest bedroom in which we stayed in for the duration of our trip. One could say it was a blessing to not worry about the state of your room for a whole ten days. Of course, if you will notice, one side of the bed is neatly made. But I cannot relay the name of the person with the un-maid side on the basis of protecting the innocent. Now, I'm not saying that my sister is messy, but one of us was messy, and it wasn't me.

The weather there was superb. As someone once sang, "Got the blue sky breeze blowin' wind thru my hair, the only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair." (Okay, anyone know that song? :) Anyway, it was hot, sunny...perfect weather to be driving in an old Chevy, windows rolled down and all...Only problem though, we didn't have a Chevy, so a BMW had to do :)

While we were there, we got to hold our little cousin's baby....He is absolutely adorable.

Since our grandpa is on a diet, he has to take a special vegetable shake mixture for lunch. On one of the occasions, he talked us into joining him in this delightful treat. If you could get over the color, it is actually pretty good... but, it just didn't seem right looking down as the green mixture made it's way towards my mouth with a little more vigor than I liked. And then trying to convince myself that it's the taste and not the color that matters just doesn't do anything when it's staring back at you like it was.

Leisel's birthday ended up falling on one of the days that we were there! I know, don't you hate that... when it's your birthday, and it just happens to fall on the day you are going out to eat. And this just happens to be an extra small restaurant so that when you get sung to, everyone around you knows it. Yep, well, that's about how poor Leisel felt as the candle lit chocolate cupcakes were brought in (it was of course part of our very strict diet :)

For her birthday, we went to see the play by Shasta High, "The Guys and the Dolls". "Twas a pretty cute play. The music was amazing, the voices were superb, and the guys dancing was almost like a "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" dance... which was spectacular!!!

Of course a visit to Redding would not be final with out a couple visits to the Turtle Bay bridge. When we went this time, all of the high schoolers were dressed for was the perfect place to be wearing a beautiful dress. (I felt kinda' out of place in my jeans :)

We would wind down each evening watching one of Grandma's murder mysteries. (Though I'm not so sure you can actually consider that "winding down" :)  We also played some competitive game of aggravation; for you see, there is a rather concealed competitive streak in each of us Spaffords that only comes out when we are seated for a competitive board game :)
While we are playing, many of us get so wrapped up in wreaking revenge on grandpa that we will all go out of our way to knock him off the board, and leave each other there. That is just what happens when one guy plays against three girls.

We of course had our moments of R and R... ya' know, book reading. A bit of Agatha Christie and Dee Henderson is a rather deadly combination (literally!)

Of course, during out stay, Grandpa helped us discover some new 50's pop songs from when music was great and the singers knew how to sing :)

Now we are settled back home and as someone once sang, "It's good to be back home again."
...keep tuned in for the next post; We've been doing a bunch of gardening since our arrival home *grin*