Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Only Happens When Their Gone...

As you already know, if you have read my last post, mom had planned a getaway for dad's birthday to take him out for one night to see a play at the Camas theater, and to spend a night at the Hilton hotel. That can only mean one thing...the kids are in charge for one whole night! And that leads to only one would be a long night of partying to all hours. Mom and Dad left the house at about four on Friday, after mom had given the typical "before she leaves mother speech"...It goes something like this, "Make sure that all of the doors are locked before you go to bed, and all of the stoves are turned off. Don't forget to set the house alarm, and give Austin his inhaler when he starts wheezing, etc"....You get the idea. (But hey, you know she's just showing that she loves ya'!) The door closed, and we had the night to ourselves. But wait! How can you even begin to party without ice-cream...I mean, isn't that like an essential part to having a blast? Yah, that's what we figured! So Bubby headed out to pick up a couple of gallons for us. After that, it was purely relaxation, cups of hot tea, heaping bowls of ice-cream, and a couple episodes of "Foyle's War".... But alas, one cannot expect the party to go on and on. As someone once said, "Nothing lasts forever". (You get brownie points if you recognize the quote :) Before heading up to bead, we had gone through all of the instructions that mom had left us with. The doors were locked, the stoves turned off, Austin had his inhaler, and....THE ALARM WAS SET! All in all, we had taken all of the necessary precautions to ensure the general safety of the said household. I believe everybody was not as relaxed as we usually are, not having mom and dad in their proper places, Hence why Annalise asked me before dozing off to sleep, "Did you guys remember to check the doors, and set the alarm?" And why Charae woke up early in the morning due to a shining light outside her door, only to find that it was the computer screen. And why Jonathon had his little side-kick ready should anything out of the ordinary arise. It didn't help that there was a rather unsettling wind storm outside, howling at our doors. We were also feeling the responsibility of keeping the house...And not just keeping it, but keeping it in one piece! (Can't forget that part) At last, everybody was settled into their proper places, and asleep, though others had a more restless night's sleep than others. It was still dark outside when....BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! It was the alarm...obviously. But when it's early in the morning, you've just woken up, and you are still groggy, it takes a while to register. In fact, Charae said that her first reaction was, "I gotta' turn that off." And my brain immediately registered, "Alarm clock"! Bubby, who's brain was a little quicker than all of the rest of ours, walked down stairs first, his little side-kick in hand :) Kinda' makes you feel safe knowing your brother has everything in hand...Literally :) Of course, after we checked, all of the doors were still locked, none of the windows were opened, and everything was in its proper place. We reached the conclusion (after thorough investigation :) that the wind had enough pressure behind it to rattle the doors, and alert the censors, setting off the alarm. All a little on edge, we once again headed upstairs again to sleep till morning.
If you've ever been at home, with your parents away, you will know that these things never happen when they're home...They always wait till the parents are away to cause troubles :)
Mom and dad walked in the door the next day...We were all there, the house was still standing, and everyone had managed to be wearing smiles on their faces.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Special Birthday...For a Very Special Man!

For all of those who have not been committed enough to memorize the Spafford's 11 different birthdays (how absurd the thought that you would not take the time to do that :), you may not have known that this past Thursday was my Dad's birthday...But I am under a strict vow not to mention the age of the said party.

Mom had been planning this day for weeks. It flowed pretty smoothly...for the most part. Though there were a few complications along the way; like missing half of the ingredient for the specially chosen birthday dinner of Indian curry, which, after a stop at Winco, ended up pushing the dinner out till nine. Or mommy rushing to finish the poem that she was preparing to present to daddy. And when she was finally ready to print it out and wrap it, and we had succeeded in distracting dad out of the den, we discovered he had torn apart part of the computer and it could no longer be printed...What engineers do for fun!!! But other than that, it turned out brilliantly :)

Big things come in little packages....So daddy discovered when it came time to open his gifts. In what seemed to be a small and weightless box, there proved to be a grand surprise, and a lovingly planned gift. Mommy had made reservations both at the Hilton Hotel, and the Magenta Theater, for a special time out with daddy.

Not only that, but as I had previously mentioned, she had carefully written out a loving poem.

All in all, it turned out to be a perfectly splendifourous birthday, passing with stupendous success!

Of course, the evening could not properly end till mom and dad had danced to one of their favorite song...I had introduced the song to daddy a couple weeks back and since then, mom and dad have adopted it into their repertoire. It's my favorite *grin*...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi: It Makes the World Go "Round"

Well, who needs an excuse to make dessert? But hey, Pi day just justifies those FEW extra calories... The credit goes to Jonathon for the fancy little designs on top of the pies (I guess that math he's been learning at college is of some use :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Name's "Chubby"...

If you're a'wantin' somthin' to make ya''ve come to the right place. My lil' sis is doing her "I'm Chubby" imitation...Need I say more?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Did Someone Say Costco?

Perhaps one would not immediately think of a shopping excursion as a eventful outing, or even that exciting, for that matter. But, my readers, this is a fact...In the Spafford household, the moment the name "Costco" is mentioned, there are numerous volunteers to join mom on the said adventure....Yes, you heard me, adventure. For there is nothing more humorous, more exciting and more eventful then a shopping trip with mom.
Why, what could be more funny than walking down a food aisle? Okay, let me explain myself. For us, there doesn't need to be anything that is outright funny, we just walk around gathering the items we need and giggling, laughing, and cracking jokes at nothing in particular (and getting LOTS of stares)...Yep, it's that bad!
Okay, forget it, you would have had to have been there :) But, yes, the rumors are true. We are known to have a habit of walking down those aisles, erupting in uproarious laughter...And at what, nothing! It probably does not help that mom has a habit of purchasing some of those delicious little treats that Costco has to offer...Like chocolate swirls, frozen mocha's, and the like.
To the observing eye, we seemed to break down into uncontrollable fits of laughter at the very act of looking each other in the eye...crazy, right?
And the issue of samples is a different matter all together. One which I wish not to discuss...since my brothers and sisters would say that's the only reason I go. Absurd, I know!
The parking lot is even worse as we attempt to unload the items we've just purchased into the car, and chase the escaping carts at the same time...and giggle some more.
I am afraid, we have gained quite a reputation from the workers, and frequenting customers at Costco....Yes, every worker knows the name of Spafford (and knows to stay WAY out of their way)
So, for those of you who thought a shopping excursion a very calm outing...Well, you must not have seen us shop before.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Favorite! favorite! Beethoven's 5 Secrets by the Piano Guys...Enjoy :)